Are your employees covered by Worker’s Comp?


Are your employees trained?
Yes. All employees are trained with the correct use of products, cleaning techniques, and safety.


Who provides the cleaning equipment and supplies?
Exceed Clean LLC provides all of the cleaning equipment and biodegradable products to insure the safety and quality of our service. If you have supplies that you would like us to use, call the office staff for prior approval. We need to have a list of all supplies our technicians use for OSHA.


How do your cleaning technicians enter my business?
Most of our customers leave a key with our office. You may issue security codes as well.


What about my security system?
If you contact your alarm company they can assist you in programming a code that is unique to our company. It is common for clients with alarms to give us our own code. Our technicians will then be able to disarm and rearm alarms.


What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Cash, credit cards, and PayPal.  Paying by credit card and PayPal will have an additional 3% added (for the credit card processing fee).

*** Payment is expected before the time of service. 

After your appointment is confirmed/scheduled, you will be emailed an invoice. If you are on a recurring cleaning schedule, you will be  invoiced at the beginning of each month. Full payment is due on or before the day of your cleaning.


Will you clean high to reach areas?
Yes. We will use our extension dusters to reach the higher areas. Our technicians are unable to climb ladders taller than 2 steps because of our Insurance requirements.


Do you arrive at an exact time?
No. We will give you a time range for our arrival. Since our cleaning technicians take the necessary time to properly clean each business efficiently, we cannot guarantee the exact time of arrival. Sometimes jobs will take more or less time to complete. We promise that we will do our best to accommodate. We will schedule your regular recurrent cleaning service for a specific day however we can not guarantee an exact time.

We will text, email or call you the day before your appointment to remind you of your upcoming cleaning service.


Can I cancel my appointment the same day of service?
Yes. However, without a 48 hour notice, a cancellation fee of $35 per scheduled cleaner will be charged.


Do you clean for special projects?
Yes, give us a call. Please be sure to schedule any additional services you’d like performed, before the day of your cleaning. This is to make sure that we allow enough time.


What if my regular service day falls on a holiday?
If your regularly scheduled cleaning falls on a holiday, we will contact you in advance to make arrangements to clean your home on another day that week.


How is quality guaranteed?
Exceed Clean LLC backs all work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We double-check our work after each job is completed. If you are unhappy with any area the technicians have cleaned, call our company within 24 hours so we can correct the issue as soon as possible.. We will come back and re-clean the area free of charge. Requests made more than 24 hours after the cleaning service was provided will be incorporated into your next cleaning.